About us

Escape Live Events is part of a multi award-winning company which specialises in creating physical and virtual events for clients across the world to suit a variety of needs.

Having successfully delivered experiences for over 500,000 people, we know how to entertain, excite and engage our audiences.

We pride ourselves on understanding your business needs and delivering the perfect event based on your requirements.

Why Virtual Team Building?

Companies and employees have been separated into working in silos from home, this has undoubtedly changed the way companies and team members communicate.

Virtual platforms such as Zoom, Teams and Skype have become the norm but keeping people driven, motivated and part of the business or organisation is a challenge.

All of our hosted virtual events are designed to deliver engaging team building, motivation and fun.


Don’t believe us? Just ask some of these guys.

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    What a great Event

    Rogue Agent formed part of the virtual away day we were organising. The online escape was pitched just right in terms of difficulty.

    The teams really enjoyed the gameplay and aesthetics and as organisers for the event we received positive feedback afterwards too. This was really all down to the event hosts and staff.

    They took care of everything and allowed us to relax and actually take part, which is a rarity when we usually have to do all the running around. Can’t wait for the next one at Christmas!

    Team Leader board - includes data on all participants