Live Video Escape Room




60 mins

Take control of a real-life games master / avatar as they take you through the set of our award-winning escape rooms across the UK.

Dive into the 16th Century to find Shakespeare’s secret play in Shakespeare’s Script, become Sherlock Holmes and uncover the murder mystery in Moriarty – The Last Stand or become a Peaky Blinder and play the Official Peaky Blinder’s escape room, The Raid.

This immersive, interactive team building challenge is suitable for up to 60 people. Encouraging communication, teamwork, problem-solving and critical thinking, perfect to play in 2-10 person teams over Zoom.

Live Video on Laptop

How Does it work?

Book your preferred date and time with us and we’ll provide you with a Zoom link to enjoy the experience. Work don’t allow Zoom calls? No problem, let us know and we’ll provide a solution which works

Once you join your Zoom call the host will explain the experience, what is required and guide you through the event so your team can complete your chosen adventure in 60 minutes.

What is included?

Secure Video link to your chosen Escape Room

Professional and experienced host to manage your experience

60 minutes thrilling game play

Digital clue platform during the adventure

Multiple games available

Exclusive game content